Ryan Hogan is the owner and Web master of Rock ‘n’ Roll/The Play. This site is dedicated to three of his passions: sports, music, and Broadway musicals.

Here you’ll find articles relating to one of those aforementioned subjects. Ryan writes articles that are informative and entertaining. He wants you to learn something and to do so with a smile.

“I liked to be well-rounded. I really appreciate the fact that Friday night I can go to a rock concert. Saturday Night I can go to a Broadway show and then on Sunday I can watch the ball game. Not only do I enjoy all of those events but I feel like I can speak about each one with intelligence and insight.” – Ryan

Ryan lives in Vancouver, Washington with his partner Sherri and his cat Mary-Margaret. When he’s not blogging, he’s watching television (The Big Bang Theory and Burn Notice are at the top of his list), playing video games, and cooking. He makes a mean taco.

If you have a question or comment for Ryan please contact him at rdhogan7713 [@] yahoo.com.

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