Stone RosesStones Roses Demoted At Coachella

During week one of Coachella, Blur and The Stone Roses headlined Friday night. The two British bands played in alphabetical order.

However, something happened on the way to week two.

Now, Blur is going to close out the first night of weekend two while The Stone Roses will hold down the penultimate spot.

The reason for the switch is that few Coachella attendees actually watched The Stones Roses perform. The band drew thin crowds.

However, organizers for the six-day festival, scheduled on back-to-back three-day weekends, say they were going to switch the bands all along.

Sure they were.

Why would they flip the lineup of the bands at all and then not mention it until a few days before the start of the second weekend?

The president of the company that promotes the music festival, designed for kids with rich parents, says the bands knew this from day one. He also said it doesn’t matter if the performers draw large crowds as long as people get excited when the poster comes out.

If that was true then why were Blur and The Stone Roses on the poster to begin with because their names arouse no excitement? What is it the early 1990s?

Coachella overestimated the appeal of The Stone Roses and got burned. Now they are trying to mitigate their embarrassment by moving the band’s performance time.

Coachella claims the bands knew about the switch all along and even signed their contracts with such knowledge.

Doubt it.

Blur will agree with that since they get to play last. The Stone Roses will happily go along with that because it saves them from embarrassment.

Look, The Stone Roses’ 1989 debut album is one of the all-time great albums. But the trust fund kids attending Coachella haven’t a clue to its exceptionalism since it was released more than 20 years ago. I’m surprised Blur attracted as large of a crowd as they did considering their heyday was at least 15 years ago (Rolling Stone magazine said their set was the best of the night).

Guess where people went instead of hanging around and listening to The Stone Roses reunion? They went to the electronic dance music tent. If Coachella attendees aren’t careful, future festivals are going to be nothing more than a bunch of EDM acts.

Coachella needs to dump the second weekend and focus on booking big-name and current guitar bands.

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