Sarah Brightman ticketsSarah Brightman Is Going Into Outer Space

It smacks of a publicity stunt, a very good publicity stunt, but a publicity stunt nonetheless.

Sarah Brightman is going into outer space. The Space Adventures Agency has confirmed that the British superstar will journey to the stars in 2015.

When she does she’ll follow in the footsteps of Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque du Soleil, who went where no circus performer has gone before in 2009.

Brightman announced that she was going into space in November, but the Russian Space Agency, the organization that’s actually launching the soprano into orbit, just recently confirmed her voyage.

Why do I think this is a publicity stunt? I mean Brightman has the money to be a space tourist and who doesn’t dream of being an astronaut or cosmonaut in her case?

Well, on Jan. 22 Brightman will release a studio album called Dreamchaser. The cover has the singer standing on a beach with a full moon filling the entire background. A week later, Brightman launches her “Dreamchaser World Tour.” She has 37 dates planned for North America between January and March.

The first single released from Dreamchaser is “Angel.”

Now, “Dreamchaser,” “Angel,” and Brightman standing in front of a full moon don’t exactly scream “I’m going to outer space,” but it’s in the ballpark. I definitely made the connection when I saw the album cover after I learned she was blasting off.

So what better way to get some publicity than by saying you’re going to go into space?

Granted, she doesn’t need any help when it comes to selling Sarah Brightman tickets but she certainly needs help selling albums—everyone not named Adele, Taylor Swift, or Justin Bieber needs help selling albums nowadays.

That’s why there was a delay between when Brightman announced her intention to be a rocket man and the actual confirmation. Something was lost in translation and the Russians didn’t understand it was a stunt. Once they understood the “wink” they agreed to play along.

A few months after her tour is over, Brightman will quietly reverse her decision.

It makes sense. She’ll be 55 in 2015 and although that’s still fairly young it’s old for a space traveler. She will also have to learn some Russian. No one wants to go into space bad enough that they’ll learn Russian.

Now, I’m not saying she’s lying. She probably has every intention of going into space but deep down inside she knows she’s remaining Earth bound. It’s the same thing as when I claim I’m going to wake up at 6am to go jogging. I have every intention of doing that but if you put a gun to my head I’d tell you that it’s highly unlikely I’ll be donning my running shoes that early in morning.

I’m not faulting Brightman either way. If this is a publicity stunt good on her because it’s genius. And if she does vault herself into outer space she has my respect as both a singer of light opera and as an explorer.

Highlights of Sarah Brightman’s “Dreamchaser World Tour”
>>Feb. 8 – Sarah Brightman @ Radio City Music Hall in New York, NY
>>Feb. 28 – Sarah Brightman @ Bayou Music Center in Houston, TX
>>March 30 – Sarah Brightman @ Honda Center in Anaheim, CA
>>March 31 – Sarah Brightman @ Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, AZ

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