Maroon 5 ticketsMaroon 5’s Adam Levine Incorrectly Defends Christina Aguilera’s Weight

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is a tweener. He walks the fine line between being a douche bag like John Mayer and being cool like Slash. Just when you think he’s one, he goes and acts like the other. However, sticking up for his fellow judge on The Voice, Christina Aguilera, was a class act even if it was misguided.

During a recent press event to support the aforementioned singing program, Levine derided denigrators who’ve called Aguilera hefty, plump, and corpulent.

He said to all of her weight critics “f*** you” and lamented our “celebrity culture” where people feel it’s okay to “say nasty things about” other people.

Levine also said her weight is nobody’s business.

Aguilera is 5-foot-2 and appears either to be at a healthy weight or slightly overweight. Either way, she has a body most American women would like to have.

Levine’s defense of Aguilera was admirable (even if his execution was a bit sophomoric) but completely erroneous. Aguilera’s weight isn’t “nobody’s business” it is business.

Aguilera is a performer. She’s a successful singer and a judge on a popular singing competition. She needs to be in shape to do her job. Furthermore, you don’t need to watch American television for more than 30 seconds to realize networks put a premium on being fit.

Even if you disagree with the premise that she needs to be eye candy, she does need to be in shape to do her job. In other words, part of her job is to stay in shape.

I’m not saying she needs to be skin and bones. I do think Hollywood has a distorted view of who is and who isn’t fat. For example, Marilyn Monroe, the ideal sex symbol, would be considered fat by today’s standards.

What I am saying is Aguilera’s weight, or perhaps a better term is her health, is part of the business of being a celebrity. Like it or not, her looks are part of what she’s selling.

If she lets herself go (i.e. lets her health slip) it should be treated the same way as if she started singing out of tune or speaking gibberish while judging The Voice.

I want to reiterate that I don’t know if C.A. has officially “pigged out” but I do believe her physical condition is fair game especially since she has the resources and the time to stay in shape.

Levine does earn kudos because he’s cut and takes very good care of himself. I mean, if I defended Aguilera’s body it would be like the uneducated defending the illiterate.

How does Levine keep himself so fit? He follows a vegan diet and does an hour’s worth of yoga every day.

Apparently, at any Maroon 5 concert, there’s a room set aside and marked “yoga” where he can do his workout before taking the stage. Yoga relaxes Levin physically and mentally.

It’s also a discipline that needs little more than a few feet and a cushy mat. That means it’s perfect for when Maroon 5 goes on tour. Levine can do yoga before a Maroon 5 concert in Houston or a Maroon 5 show in Washington D.C.

The singer began doing Yoga in 2006. Although he’s always been slim, the 5-foot, 10-inch singer says yoga has molded and sculpted his body in a way that’s far more natural than weightlifting.

Maroon 5 begins a tour of North America on Feb. 13, 2013. The route has Maroon 5 visiting New York on Feb. 16; Maroon 5 visiting Los Angeles on March 15; and Maroon 5 visiting Philadelphia on April 4.

The band is supporting their latest album, Overexposed, and will be supported by Owl City and Neon Trees. The final concert on their tour calendar is set for April 6 in Rosemont, Illinois.

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