Dayglow ticketsDayglow Now Called ‘Life In Color’ But Paint Remains The Same

It used to be called “Dayglow” but as of Sept. 1 it’s “Life in Color.”

Okay, but what is it?

Whether you call it “Life in Color” or “Dayglow” the event is “the world’s largest paint party.” It features a unique array of rave music, dancers, contortionists, aerialists, and paint.

Yeah, that’s right paint.

Attendees wear all white as they anxiously wait for the “Paint Blast.” That’s when they’re doused in brightly colored paints.

Who knew that dancing around to the same beat for two hours and getting splashed with paint could be so much fun?

There was a day and age that if you went to a concert and something spilled on you a fight would ensue. Apparently, that’s not the case anymore.

Obviously, the paint is non-toxic but I haven’t found anything that indicates the paint will wash out of your clothes. I’m sure it will. After all, the paint has to be safe enough not to stain whatever venue the tour is currently visiting. Still, I wouldn’t wear anything to “Life in Color” I wanted to keep pristine.

The 2012 tour, which started Sept. 2 in Gainesville, Florida, has a robust schedule. As you would imagine, most of the cities on the itinerary are college towns: Lubbock, Athens, Eugene, East Lansing, and Boston (yes Boston is a college town—there are more than 100 college and universities in the Bean Town area).

Other stops on the roving paint party’s route include Dayglow in Long Island on Sept. 28, Dayglow in Washington D.C. on Sept. 29, and Dayglow in Raleigh on Oct. 13.

Life in Color’s resident DJ is David Solano but the tour has employed dozens of world class mix masters through the years including Laidback Luke, Robbie Rivera, Funkagenda, A-Track, Starkillers, and The Devil From Acapulco.

DJs scheduled to appear in 2012 include Tommy Trash, Dirty South, Adventure Club, Felix Cartal, Bassjackers, and Arty.

In 2010, organizers added another dimension to “Life in Color”—literally! View screens projected three-dimensional images and dancers wore 3-D paint. Then, attendees donned 3-D glasses for a unique and exciting experience. An experience which I’m sure was not exploited by any type of illicit narcotics.

The idea of mixing electronic dance music and paint started in 2006 on the campuses of Florida colleges. Judging by the speed in which Dayglow events sell out, the concept is beloved by EDM and paint fans all over the country.

Also look for Dayglow/Life in Color, the world’s largest paint party, in Philadelphia on Sept. 22; Dayglow/Life in Color, the world’s largest paint party, in Indianapolis on Oct. 26; and Dayglow/Life in Color, the world’s largest paint party, in Los Angeles on Nov. 17.

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