Leni Rico: When It Comes To Acting, She’s A Slam Dunk

Producers and directors have many reasons for casting Leni Rico. Not only is she a talented actress, dancer, and model who is fluent in Spanish, English and German, she can also play on the production company’s basketball team.

Just one inch shy of six-feet, Rico was a basketball player before becoming an actress. She helped her team win a first division championship in her native Spain.

Rico has now channeled the same hard work she put forth on the basketball court into her acting career, landing role after role. Basketball players have to play both offense and defense. They have to be versatile. During her acting career, Rico has displayed a similar kind of versatility. From playing a sexy and mysterious vixen in 6:09, or a disturbed and haunted mental patient in The Print, to performing improve comedy alongside Spain’s most famous comedians in “Viva La Pepa”.

Leni’s additional film and television credits include the award-winning film The Debutante; 6:09 directed by Ibai Fernandez, the popular telenovela Eva Luna, Donna Mia, El Contrato, El diario del Importunio, and Explosivos 41.

And the variety of mediums in which she works are just as varied – from film and TV, to stage, to music videos, commercials, and online productions. Basically, you can cast Rico in any role in any genre, in any medium and expect a slam dunk.

She can currently be seen in Happily Whatever After and Vampire Masquerade at The Berubians Theatre Company in Hollywood.

In the near future, you’ll be able see Leni Rico in the highly anticipated short film ATEFEH by Arab-American director Tara Atashgah and produced by Gianmarco Speciale. You’ll also be able to see her in the feature film 100 Night Stars, directed by Steve Taylor. Leni’s demand is such that she’s already signed on to do many additional films in the upcoming years, including Knight of Cups, Snapshot, Face Value, and Fear Untold.

So let me end this article by writing that you need to remember the name “Leni Rico.” She’s a terrific actress with the heart of a champion, and we’ll be seeing a lot of her in upcoming years.

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