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Ursula Maria – A Passion For Dance, Music, Acting, & Writing

It’s one thing to audition and get the part. It’s a completely another thing to audition, get the part, and then be made a collaborator.

That’s exactly what happened to award-winning dancer, actress, and choreographer Ursula Maria.

She impressed director Stan Harrington so much during the audition process that he decided to make her a full partner in the film he was making: IMAG-IN. Ursula Maria is the film’s only performer as well as its choreographer. Harrington produced and directed it and they both shared in the writing duties.

Inspired by Stella Adler’s quote: “the truth of your art is in your imagination.” , IMAG-IN is about a dancer who is unsure if her mystical surroundings are real or actually a figment of her imagination. The film, just recently completed, will be screened at several prominent film festivals, premiering at the Action On Film International Film Festival on August 18th at 7pm.

Ursula Maria is also working with the award-winning director on two other films, “Perception” and “Lost Angels”. The former is currently in post-production and due to be released later this year. “Lost Angels”, starring Alimi Ballard (The Fast Five, Sabrina The Teenage Witch) and Robert Pralgo (The Blind Side, Army Wives) won’t be out until 2013.

Ursula Maria was born in Austria and started early to train dance extensively in her home town Linz. She got cast in a Danceteam at the age of 13 as its youngest member, performed various shows with them and together they won the National Dance Championship. When she was 15, she began teaching dance herself and at 16 she relocated to Vienna for more job opportunities as a performer and a more diverse and advanced training.

In the capital city of her native land, Ursula Maria danced, taught dance, acted, and modeled. She was a finalist in the NIKE Women’s dance contest and studied at a performing arts school. Upon getting Bachelor’s degree in theater, film, and media studies from the University of Vienna, Ursula Maria relocated to Los Angeles and enrolled in the fulltime program of the Stella Adler Academy of Acting.

It’s not surprising that Harrington keeps putting Ursula Maria in his films. After all, he calls her a “director’s dream.” He says she has a penchant for perfection and a desire to give the director the exact performance he or she wants. According to Harrington, few in the industry can match her “skills and ability.”

To read more about Ursula Maria and her projects, follow her on twitter @ursula_maria_
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